Software Support: Your First Line of Defense

Sometimes it can be daunting to know who to contact when something goes wrong. Support should be your first line of defense when something stops working and functionality is impacted. Whether it’s a gate not communicating with the software or a payment portal that is failing multiple payments, any loss of functionality can point to problems with back-end settings that you’ll likely need help with.

Each software company has a different style of handling inquiries. Some primarily use email and phone calls to communicate with facilities. Some have an online support center that can be accessed at any time. Some companies have live chat features, a way to submit a ticket to support on the web or a callback system to place you in a queue. All of these will ultimately get you the same results, an answer to your question, but it is also important to think of your communication style and how you are best able to get things done. Do you hate waiting on hold? Then a company with email support might be a great idea. Are you more of a hands-on learner that benefits from one-on-one communication? You might do better with phone calls so that you can ask follow-up questions. Make sure that whatever company you are working with is going to work for you.

Life happens, problems are bound to come up and even in a perfect world, you will likely face a situation outside your control where you need a second set of eyes or a helping hand to get you back on track. Remember that between the online help and support materials, phone lines, email inboxes and search engines, you have a whole team of people available to help.

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