Sunnyvale, CA

Using the Market Discovery Data Tool from StorTrack’s MarketView Platform (MVP), we were able to find Sunnydale, a city in Santa Clara Valley, CA with less than six square feet per capita and no known developments in the pipeline. With a median household income of $134,896 and $2.34 per square foot on average, this market could be worth further evaluation. To view additional metrics, visit the link labeled “Click Here to View Market Information“.

The Power of a Positive Review

In this day and age, we’re all aware that a positive review is a hot commodity. As a consumer, we live in a time when combing through reviews is a common practice, especially when making important purchasing decisions. What tends to be thought of as a “black spot” are negative reviews. However, positive and negative reviews build consumer confidence, increase knowledge and validate the offered services. Isn’t that crazy!? That means a customer’s one-star-review about after-hour access issues is just as valuable as the five-star review, which details the excellent…