Differentiators between the UK and European Region and the US

In this video chat, Roc Hughes of Janus International and John C. Lindsey of Lindsey Self Storage Group discuss the differences and similarities between the UK and European region and the US. The maturity of the US market can be used as a template for investing and/or developing in the UK and Europe however there are some differentiating circumstances to consider. Find out about the buying process, development market and overall comparisons of these two markets in this episode.

Managing Deferred Maintenance and Keeping Up with Your Property

In this discussion, we’re covering cost-effective ways to tackle deferred maintenance and how to manage the day-to-day wear and tear on your facility. Nelson Hendrix and David Alexander of Janus International talk through the benefits of the R3 and Facilitate programs and how each can improve your property. Join us to learn the granular components of renewing the curb appeal of your property and keeping up with the improvements.

Self Storage Development Considerations in the Current Market

This video chat offers insights from John Bilton of Janus International, Matt Mawer of BETCO and Mitch Feldman of Feldman Companies. In addition to discussing construction timelines and site preparation, we’ll cover ways to stretch the dollar, investments that pay off in the long run and financing concerns. Join us for this educational conversation regarding how the development market has changed over the past few years and what to consider as a result.

What to Know about Boat and RV Storage

In this video chat, we are joined by Greg Ellsworth of Self Storage Consulting Group, Amy Bix of Toy Storage Nation and Terry Anderson of Tenant Property Protection to discuss nuances of the boat and RV storage sector. We’ll cover site selection, differentiators between class A, B, C and D facilities, development considerations and insurance concerns. Additionally, you’ll learn about how this tenant base varies from traditional storage customers with their expectations and tolerance for price increases. Tune in to learn about the booming boat and RV industry or read…

The Year Ahead in Storage

In this educational video chat, we’re joined by industry veterans Mike Mele of Cushman & Wakefield, Shawn Hill of the BSC Group and Liz Schlesinger of Merit Hill Capital to discuss predictions for 2023. Storage has had a great couple of years but what can we expect with changing interest rates and decreasing occupancies? This group offers insights on the how the industry is transforming, development activity, market evaluation strategies and much more. Where is the self storage sector headed in 2023? Tune in to find out!

Global Market Overview

In this global video chat, we’ll discuss trends in different countries, unique storage operational practices, demand drivers in specific areas and more. John C. Lindsey of Lindsey Self Storage Group represents the US, Alan Takle of Takle Developments represents Australia, Chris Oosthuizen of Stor-Age represents South Africa, John McGlynn of Scottish Capital represents the UK and Jes Johansen of Store Friendly represents Singapore.

The Year Ahead for Self Storage

In this video chat, we’re joined by Mark Degner of Safeguard Self Storage and Seth Bent of Storage Exchange. This discussion focuses on the future of the storage industry in the increasingly competitive investor environment. Tune in to learn how these industry veterans have adapted and hear their predictions for what’s ahead.