How Safe Are Your Access Control Solutions? Part Two

In the current climate, operating a successful self storage operation requires a Herculean effort. There’s no end to the tasks owners and operators face every day, from sales and marketing to site maintenance and security. It’s essential to not cut corners when it comes to the safety of your security system, but you don’t have to be a technology expert — start by following a few best practices:

  • Vet both the solution and the provider. In addition to vetting the solution, evaluate the solution provider. Look for a technology vendor with an exceptional track record and expertise in the self storage industry. In addition to providing ongoing support after you implement the solution, the right provider can offer advice and guidance to maximize the impact of your investment.
  • Look for solutions that exceed minimum industry standards. Today’s tenants have high expectations and plenty of choices in self storage providers — they won’t settle for an operation that barely meets industry standards. So, why settle for the bare minimum when it comes to your operation’s safety and security solutions? As a best practice, aim to exceed industry standards in your security technology and your operation’s safety protocols.
  • Periodically evaluate the performance of your solutions. As tenants’ needs change, the solutions and technologies you rely on change, too. Although the best technology providers continuously adapt their solutions to stay a step ahead of the industry, you should periodically evaluate the performance of your solutions to make sure your operation stays on the leading edge of the industry.

Both you and your tenants have a vested interest in the quality of your safety and security solutions. By going the extra mile to ensure your solutions exceed minimum standards, you can make your facility more appealing to prospects, retain current tenants, and position your operation as a leader in the local market.

Article submitted by PTI Security Systems

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