Citizen Storage Management to Expand into New Markets – Grew Current Portfolio Appraisal Value 189% in Five Years

Citizen Storage Management, a third-party self storage management company, has plans to expand operations in 2023.

Previously, Citizen Storage Management (CSM) focused its management operations in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Michigan with great success. Since taking over two properties in 2017, CSM increased revenue by 101% and Net Operating Income by 119%. The appraisal value of the portfolio grew 189% since CSM began managing the properties.

In 2020, CSM took over management of 8 locations in the Memphis, TN market from one of the largest REITs in the industry. In two and a half years, Revenue increased by 53%, Net Operating Income increased by 83%, and CSM was able to beat its proforma’s 7-year projections in that short of time.

Our long-term vision for Citizen Storage Management is to establish ourselves as a major player among facility management companies,” says Citizen Storage Management President and CEO Peter Spickenagel. “We will be a top ten national property management company in ten years. We will get there through our ability to execute and drive higher ROI, net operating income, and revenue for the clients we serve. We will also expand our fantastic culture for all employees. At Citizen, our clients have a voice; everyone is heard, and we deliver on our projected results.”

Spickenagel currently sits on the board of the Self Storage Association of Michigan and was Chairman of the Board in 2020. Throughout his career, he has overseen operations for 96 self storage properties nationwide, more than 5 million NRSF, and 42,000 units. “Just like a recipe, you choose how much and how you combine individual pieces to produce the best outcome. It’s a combination of culture, training, sales and lead generation, marketing, technology stack, and more. At Citizen Storage Management, all the pieces come together to achieve our clients’ goals.”

Formerly, Spickenagel worked as Director of Business Development for CallPotential, a Best-in-Class Self Storage CRM and call center software system. “My goal with CallPotential was to help large operators use the technology to have better insight into their lead management, smart call routing, operational controls, and automation, and my ability, based on my operational background, to speak their language and understanding their needs was a tremendous benefit while working there.”

About Citizen Storage Management:

Citizen Storage Management (CSM), headquartered in Royal Oak, Michigan, is a third-party self storage management company. As of January 3, 2023, the Company owns or manages 10 facilities in three states, which amounts to over 580,000 Net Rentable Square Feet, 4,500 units and over $100 million in asset value. More than finance and tech nerds, the CSM team are entrepreneurs and experts at revenue management, operational best practices, and creative marketing campaigns, along with managing ground up and conversion self-storage development projects from conception to completion. For information, contact Peter Spickenagel, (248) 600-4970 or

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