Five Ways Cloud Computing Benefits Self Storage Operations

Cloud computing creates new opportunities for self storage operations by relocating data and applications from on-premise servers to the cloud. Although specific features vary based on the cloud solution, there are several ways it can benefit your self storage business.

1. Enhanced control. The cloud improves facility management by extending the functionality of access control keypads, lighting, HVAC and other smart connected devices. The centralization of data expands the potential to monitor, control and command nearly any device in your network.

2. Lower costs. Cloud computing reduces costs by minimizing on-site hardware requirements and eliminating IT costs associated with traditional system management and upgrades. In fact, small and medium-sized businesses report that it’s 40% more cost-efficient to use third-party cloud platforms than on-premise systems.

3. Flexibility. Cloud-based management systems are highly flexible because they streamline access to real-time data and applications. They offer custom solutions to give owners and operators constant visibility into key performance metrics. Site managers especially benefit from the ability to monitor and control any device remotely.

4. Scalability. In the past, business growth meant implementing a new system to handle specific functions. Cloud-based systems, however, are extremely scalable — you can add new users and devices to the system quickly and with minimal effort.

5. Integration. Cloud-based management platforms offer seamless integration across multiple operational categories. As a facility expands its use of cloud-based systems, it is easy to synchronize systems, leading to improved access to information across business functions.

By taking advantage of the opportunities the cloud offers, you can significantly enhance your ability to manage your technology for bottom-line improvement.

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