Cyber Security Measures You Need to Implement Now

By Shane Carlson, Technology Manager

When was the last time you evaluated your cyber security measures?  Cyber security entails so much more than just having anti-virus software on your computer – it requires knowledge and attentiveness. The tools are important and you need reputable and reliable cybersecurity programs and software, but it is just as important to educate yourself and your team on what you should and should not do. 

Cyber Security Practices To Implement

Encrypt your emails.

Are we sending sensitive information such as bank information through emails?  If so, we need to ensure that we are encrypting those emails.

Read sender addresses and website URLs very carefully.

Phishing and pharming are becoming more and more advanced to the point that they will completely replicate internal emails and websites in order to acquire your information.  Read the sender’s address and website URLs very carefully.

Update passwords regularly.

Make sure that WiFi passwords are updated regularly, along with your email and other commonly used passwords.

Practices to Avoid

Accessing business related platforms on your phone.

Do not access business related platforms, such as a property emails address, on a mobile phone unless you have installed protective software on it.  Mobile phones are very susceptible to an attack, especially as we usually have outdated and unused applications on them, that make them doorways just as I referenced above.

Keeping unusued and oudated programs on your computer.

Are we evaluating our computers for unused and outdated programs?  If not, we need to do so, as these old programs are essentially a ‘doorway’ into your machine that bypasses all of your protection software.

This list can go on and on, but remember that diligence is key, and stay up to date with the current environment in the cyberattack world.  Knowledge is your most powerful defense and make sure you pass this knowledge on to your entire team.  Finally, one of the most important items to remember is to make sure you and your team are using these methods to keep you own personal accounts and devices safe too!


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