Toy Storage Nation to Host Boat and RV Storage Workshop in Partnership with the 2023 ISS World Expo


Las Vegas Executive Workshop

$1,490 – includes April 14 Executive Workshop + ISS Expo Package (April 12-13).

Toy Storage Nation, in partnership with Inside Self Storage, is hosting a one-day Executive Boat & RV Workshop at the ISS World Expo.

Best Practices for Executive RV & Boat Storage Facilities Workshop April 14 / Las Vegas / Caesars Forum Conference Center

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Best Practices for Executive RV & Boat Storage Facilities

With the boom in RV and boat purchases in recent years, now’s the time to invest in equity-class storage solutions for these luxury toys. Join industry experts for an in-depth discussion of the steps required to own, invest in, and operate a boat/RV-storage facility.

Topics include feasibility, financing, operations, construction, software, security, technology, investing, marketing, ancillary revenue, and legal issues.

Workshop Registration includes Speaker Presentations, RV & Boat Storage Facility On-Site Tour, Breakfast, Lunch, and Cocktail Reception.



7:00AM – 6:00PM


Caesars Forum Conference Center

3911 South Koval Lane

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Harrah’s Las Vegas

From $139/night through March 18

Workshop Description

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are interested in operating a highly successful and gratifying business, the boat- and RV-storage market is brimming with opportunities.

In this full-day event, you’ll meet professionals experienced in building profitable facilities from the ground up. They’ll set you up with the tools you need to thrive in every aspect of the business, from development and construction to operations and risk management. As part of this event, you’ll visit a local boat/RV-storage site and get to meet and mingle with vendors who specialize in this product.

Take the first step toward your own professional success while forging relationships with experts who can help guide you through the entire process.

You’ll learn:

  • How to scout the perfect site for boat/RV storage
  • How to identify the needs of your market and conduct a feasibility study
  • The different types of storage buildings available
  • Key design considerations
  • How to find and choose a lender
  • Specific tools to protect your investment, from insurance to security technology
  • The legalities involved in operating this type of business
  • Tips for operating the site successfully
  • How to market the product

Workshop Presentation Topics

1. Financing (Presenter: Bishesh Shrestha, Live Oak Bank)

  • How to get the money to keep the project moving forward
  • Does selecting a lender with RV & Boat Storage funding matter?
  • Loan types to fit your needs

2. Development & Operations (Presenter: Greg Ellsworth, Self-Storage Consulting Group)

  • How to prepare for success
  • Operations begin with the right product
  • Finding the mix of uncovered vs. covered vs. enclosed units

3. Marketing (Presenter: Steve Lucas, The Storage Group)

  • How fast can I get quality tenants to fill up my site?
  • What’s the right advertising mix – digital, print, radio, television?
  • Setting the right advertising and marketing budget

4. Canopy Construction (Presenter: Robert Hayworth, Baja Carports)

  • How to develop and build a successful RV & Boat Storage project
  • How much to build per square foot
  • What works and what doesn’t

5. Security  (Presenter: Chris Koening, Kingsland Companies, LLC)

  • Why it’s important to provide customers a fully automated move-in experience
  • How to go from a Class A to Class A+ Boat & RV facility with technology
  • How technology has improved the tenant onboarding experience and what it means to operators

6. Enclosed Construction (Presenter: Matt Maurer, BETCO Inc.)

  • Why now for enclosed boat and RV storage?
  • Identifying the right property
  • Codes/Compliance considerations

7. Software & Data (Presenter: Jeff Bailey, Yardi)

  • Will my software reporting include the revenue management needed to support the brand?
  • What to consider when choosing a software
  • How to select a software to meet your unique needs

8. Ancillary Revenue (Presenter: Terry Anderson, Tenant Property Protection)

  • How to create an ancillary sales center
  • Storage Protection for RVs, boats, autos, and trailers
  • RV Gap case study findings

9. Feasibility (Presenter: Jo Beth White, Development Services Inc.)

  • The where, when, and why for location selection
  • Differences between destination or site-specific facility
  • Types of facilities and amenities

10. Legal (Presenter:Jeffrey Greenberger, Greenberger & Brewer LLP)

  • What are the legal issues with vehicle/vessel storage?
  • Why “borrowing” a self-storage agreement is not a good idea
  • How vehicle/vessel storage is a completely different business from self-storage

*Topics and Speakers subject to change without notice

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