More Self Storage Units Coming to Amherst, OH

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The city could soon see two more storage unit facilities as developers plan to make their way to City Council in the next two weeks.

The first facility would be at Rice Road Industrial Parkway in the same lot as the Habitat for Humanity Restore. The second is proposed to be off South Leavitt north of 300 Industrial Parkway.

Both facilities being proposed are very similar, Amherst Mayor Mark Costilow said. Each has gone through the district board of review to be approved.

Both of these are phase projects so I am unsure of how long they will take but the builders are anxious to get started right away,” Costilow said.

By phase projects, Costilow said he means that they will be built in phases.

If approved, these two facilities will join another recent self-storage unit built at the old Amherst Lumber Co., 700 Mill St., which was approved last April.

Costilow said the reason for all the new self-storage units in Amherst could have something to do with the changes to temporary storage unit restrictions at residences.

Under Amherst law, temporary storage units are only permitted to hold materials during construction, not to remain at residences after construction is finished. Trailers, trailer coaches, camp cars or other cars on or off wheels are also prohibited at residences within the city.


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