Recent Closings: 5.24.2022 – 5.30.2022

Property: Public Storage (Managed)
Location: Birmingham, AL
Broker and Brokerage: Ashley Compton of Colliers Self Storage Group

NRSF: 102,292
Unit Count: 834
Acreage: 8.82

Properties: Two Development Sites
Closing Price: $4.9 Million
Location: Winston-Salem, NC
Buyer: SROA

Acreage: 5.2

Property: Storage and Retail Property
Closing Price: $3.9 Million
Location: Frederick, VA
Buyer: Frederick Pike Holdings, LLC.
Broker and Brokerage: Jamie A. Scully of Cushman & Wakefield

NRSF: 27,000 (Storage) and 21,322 (Retail)

Property: My Space Indoor Storage and Retail
Location: South Bend, IN
Brokers and Brokerage: Hunter Sells, Scott Schoettlin and Bryce Josepher of SkyView Advisors

NRSF: 84,294
Unit Count: 380
Acreage: 8.82

  • 39,994 NRSF of Storage and 44,300 NRSF of Retail Space Across Six Retail Boxes for a Total of 84,294 NRSF
  • Strong Lease-Up Velocity of 30 Percent in the Past 12 Months
  • Opportunity to Offer Non-Climate Controlled Units with the Implementation of Drive-Up Storage
  • Room to Lease-Up Two Remaining Retail Units Included in the Sale
  • Low Market Supply of 4.72 NRSF Per Capita in a Five-Mile Radius, Justifying the Benefits of Expansion and Ability to Attain Market Dominance
  • No New Facilities Planned or Under Construction in Five Miles
  • Very Few Climate Controlled Competitors in a Five-Mile Radius
Portfolio: Discount Storage Portfolio of Eight Properties
Location: Eastern Texas
Brokerage: Storage Exchange

NRSF: 141,366

Property: Providence, RI MSA Self Storage Facility
Location: Providence, RI
Brokers and Brokerage: Nathan Coe, Brett Hatcher, Luke Dawley and Gabriel Coe of the Hatcher-Coe Group of Marcus & Millichap

NRSF: 28,150
Unit Count: 303
Room for Expansion: Yes

  • Stabilized Self Storage Facility
  • Below Market Rents
  • Affluent Market: $111,132 Average Household Income of People Living within a One-Mile Radius
Portfolio: Stow Away Storage Portfolio of Three Properties
Locations: Irmo and Chapin, SC
Brokers and Brokerage: Michael Morrison of Midcoast Properties

NRSF: 174,000

  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Security Cameras, Lighting and Electronic Gates with Keypad Entry
Portfolio: Storage Solutions Portfolio of Three Properties
Locations: Hopkinsville, KY and Greenbrier and Springfield, TN
Brokers and Brokerage: Andy Beeckman and Anne Williams-Blackwell Marcus & Millichap

NRSF: 55,600
Unit Count: 424

Property: Starpoint Self Storage & Business Park
Location: Mesquite, TX
Brokers and Brokerage: Brandon Karr of Marcus & Millichap

NRSF: 70,590
Unit Count: 327

Portfolio: Three Charlotte, NC Properties
Location: Charlotte, NC
Buyer: Canvass Capital, LLC. and Barings

NRSF: 163,000
Acreage: 16
Unit Count: 1,129

Property: All Seasons Storage
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Brokers and Brokerage: Anne Williams-Blackwell of Marcus & Millichap
NRSF: 48,275
Acreage: 3.8

Unit Count: 323
Year Built: 1998

Portfolio: Development Site
Location: Hilton Head, SC
Buyer: Canvass Capital, LLC. and Barings

NRSF: 150,000
Acreage: 3.82
Unit Count: 1,231

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