Four-Story Self-Storage Facility Proposed in Sayreville, NJ

A four-story self-storage facility is proposed for Jernee Mill Road.

Lot 15 Jernee Mill, LLC, of Brooklyn, New York, is seeking preliminary and final major site plan approval to construct the facility at 18 Jernee Mill Road. The 14.2-acre site is located in the Special Economic Development Zone and is undeveloped, according to public documents.

The new building would have a 33,250-square-foot footprint for a total of 133,000 square feet. There are 27 parking spaces proposed.

The applicant is requesting variance relief for two 100-square-foot façade signs, where the ordinance permits only one 100-square-foot sign.

The property is owned by Yonkers 300 LLC, also of Brooklyn.

A planning board hearing on the application is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.


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