Recent Transactions 10.04.2022 to 10.10.2022

Property: Rock Hill, Class A, C/O Property
Location: Rock Hill, SC (Charlotte, NC MSA)
Brokers and Brokerage: Gabriel Coe, Nathan Coe, Benjamin Yelm and Brett Hatcher from the Hatcher-Coe Group of Marcus Millichap
Units: 763 Climate-controlled units and 48 non climate-controlled

Property: Gem City Storage
Location: Dayton, OH
Broker and Brokerage: Kirk Martin of Lindsey Self Storage Group
NRSF: 14,211
Buyer: Scott Street Group LLC

Property: Extra Garage
Location: Sarasota, FL
Brokers and Brokerage: Kyle Baptist, Richard Riddle, Scott Schoettlin and Bryce Josepher of Sky View Advisors
NRSF: 88,565
Units: 208
Occupancy: 96%

Property: Safe Storage Club
Location: Kenosha, WI
Brokers and Brokerage: Nathan Coe, Gabriel Coe, Brian Kelly, Todd Lindblom and Brett Hatcher from the Hatcher-Coe Group of Marcus Millichap
Units: 348 Parking Spaces

Property: Climate Storage
Location: Lawrence, KS
Brokers and Brokerage: Robert Cook and Sean Delaney of Marcus & Millichap
NRSF: 14,025
Units: 214 Climate-controlled units
Room for Expansion: Yes

Property: Climate Storage
Location: Zephyr Hills, FL
Buyer: SnapBox Self Storage
Brokers and Brokerage: Ian Lindahl and Adam Schlosser of Marcus & Millichap
NRSF: 68,440
Units: 523 (Seven buildings with non-climate controlled and climate controlled units)

  • Parking
  • Covered unloading area

Property: Mid-Maine Storage
Location: Richmond, ME
Buyer: SnapBox Self Storage
Brokers and Brokerage: Luke Dawley, Nathan Coe, Brett R. Hatcher and Gabriel Coe of the Hatcher-Coe Group of Marcus & Millichap
NRSF: 17,410
Units: 154 Non-climate-controlled units and three garage units
Room for Expansion: Yes

Property: US 30 Self Storage
Location: Montgomery, IL
Broker and Brokerage: Richard Faltz and Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate Group
Closing Price: 3.4 Million
Units: 278 Enclosed self-storage units and 268 premium paved parking spaces for boats and RVs

Property: Colonel Glenn Storage and Shackleford Business Center
Location: Little Rock, AR
Buyer: Stoic Equity Partners
NRSF: 18,625
Room for Expansion: Yes

  • Kiosk technology
  • Noké One Smart Access Control

Property: AllSafe Storage
Location: Cypress, TX
Brokers and Brokerage: Dave Knobler and Charles LeClaire of Marcus & Millichap
NRSF: 59,625
Units: 648 (354 Climate-controlled units, 107 non climate-controlled units and 187 outdoor storage spaces)

Property: 83,312-square-foot building
Location: Albany, NY
Buyer: Life Storage
Closing price: $12.5 Million

Property: CubeSmart-managed facility
Location: Swansea, MA
Seller: The Storage Acquisition Group
Brokers and Brokerage: Thomas Palumbo and Bill Sitar Jr. represented the seller and Monty Spencer of the Storage Acquisition Group represented the buyer
NRSF: 67,155
Units: 717

Property: Main Street Self Storage
Location: Havelock, NC
Seller: The Storage Acquisition Group
Broker and Brokerage: Hal H. Tanner of Midcoast Properties Inc.
NRSF: 31,231
Units: 257 Traditional drive-up and climate-controlled units plus parking

  • 24-hour video surveillance
  • Gated keypad access
  • Office with retail supplies

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