Reeling in Recruits

Demand for workers has been a prevalent topic across the nation in recent months. We have seen more and more opportunities become available to job seekers, meaning more options for employment and a greater need to convince applicants that your company is the place to be. With that being said, how can the recruiting process be adjusted to show greater success?

Try Texting

Consider communicating with candidates primarily through text. Let’s face it, the spam folder located in everyone’s email inbox is filled to the brim with messages that are never opened. Unfortunately, some of our most important emails end up in this “junk” section. Communication can be lost here. Primarily using text as a method of communication can be vital to the success in reaching candidates, as well as quick response times. As you’ll see with the next tip, timing is crucial to a successful hire.

Be Quick

If you aren’t moving quickly, know that another employer is. Candidates apply to many openings at once, so try to commit to reaching out to a candidate within 24-48 hours after receiving their application. There is a good chance that as the candidate’s application is sitting in your inbox, they are receiving other offers. Over-communicate as much as your schedule allows for and act fast to avoid losing a potentially great fit. Generally, if a candidate is already in the process of interviewing with a company, they will focus on them even if other opportunities present themselves during that time.

Stand Out

Make sure to point out the best things your organization has to offer. Be specific but keep it brief. As mentioned earlier, candidates are applying to many job postings at once and will not stop to read an advertisement that is pages long. Be unique, for example, by including a photo of the worksite or team. Add information regarding your company culture and what the candidate can expect in the workplace. Use this opportunity to include any “deal breakers” that a candidate might not be able to work around such as schedule or pay rate. The more transparent you are upfront; the less time will be wasted later on. If the schedule requires Saturday shifts, make sure to include that. If a candidate is unavailable on the weekends, they will know right away this position will not work for them. Saving time for both the applicant and the employer, and as we know, efficiency is everything!

Post pandemic, our company made these changes, as well as numerous others, to adapt to the quickly changing job scenery and found them to be highly successful. Try out these tips and see if you notice a difference in your recruiting process!

By Teresa Rosa
Absolute Storage Management

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