What Is Cloud Computing and Why Does It Matter for Self Storage?

Researchers predict the global cloud computing market size will be worth more than $1,630 billion by 2030. As of 2019, approximately 94% of companies used cloud computing within its operations. This estimate includes usage among small and medium-sized businesses. There are cloud computing services available for businesses of any size.

What Is Cloud Computing?

In a nutshell, the term “cloud computing” refers to the process of accessing data or software programs over the internet instead of using a server or computer located on your premises. The cloud enables total access to data and software — a huge plus for operations with multiple locations or systems.

If you dig deeper into the technology, you will discover there are three types of clouds: public, private and hybrid. While large enterprises may benefit from a private or hybrid cloud strategy, the vast majority of small and medium-sized businesses use solutions and apps that operate on a public cloud because it’s reliable, cost-efficient and requires minimal maintenance.

The Cloud in Self Storage

In self storage, the cloud often serves as a fundamental element of management platforms. By accessing the power of the cloud, owners and operators can effectively manage facilities from a central location and perform necessary actions in real-time. Cloud technology connects devices seamlessly, making businesses operations more efficient. Tenants can rent and visit storage units without needing a physical key or interact with management. Additionally, facility managers can monitor their sites and lock storage units from a remote location, keeping their businesses secure.

From solutions that enable real-time security notifications from anywhere to cutting-edge facility management, cloud-based systems unlock opportunities for improving efficiency, upgrading security and enriching tenent experiences for self storage companies.

Marie Williams, Marketing Content Specialist at PTI Security Systems

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